Ubbink OFT-4 Flat Roof Vent Terminal (Twin Walled) for EPDM - 166mm

£83.33 Incl. VAT
£69.44 Ex. VAT


The OFT/4's have a special low air resistance cowl - the pressure/airflow resistance is <1.3 Pascal at 225m³/h. The pipework above the roofline is twin walled and incorporates an integral condensation drain. This terminal is suitable to extract domestic single fans, high output cooker hood extraction fans and heat recovery ventilation.


Large free vent area/Low Pa resistance
The pipework above the roof line is twin walled and incorporates an integral condensation drain

Allows termination through a flat roof to ducting up to 166mm


Diameter: 166mm
Height above roof: 540mm
Flange Diameter: 490mm
Depth below roof: 510mm
Free vent area: 20,000mm²
Pa resistance: <1.0

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