Ubbink OFT-1 Flat Roof Vent/Terminal for EPDM - 131mm

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£47.54 Ex. VAT


The OFT/1 range is suitable for use with soil and vent systems and for both mechanical and natural (passive) ventilation installations. It offers a large free vent area with a low Pascal resistance figure.


There are five flange types for different roof covering that suit the OFT1 range ranging from110mm diameter to 166mm;

  • Asphalt
  • Felt
  • EPDM
  • Bitumen
  • PVC



  • Large vent area
  • Low Pa resistance


Diameter: 131mm
Height Above Roof: 300mm
Flange Diameter: 490mm
Depth Below Roof: 350mm
Free Vent Area: 12,000mm2
Pressure/Airflow Resistance: 1.1Pa

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