TekShield GRP Fibreglass Roofing Resin - 20kg

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Kovertek TekShield GRP Roofing Resin. (25yr warranted system*) Our Resins are high quality low styrene/odour virgin material and pre-accelerated.

Unlike many other GRP brands, KoverTek resins ARE NOT REBLENDS.

Re-blended resins are created from mixed and various batches of resin kept behind from the manufacture of pure resins. As a result, these different batches of resin cannot be mixed to the same reliability, thixotropy, and ultimately quality of the TekShield Roof resins.

OUR pure vigin resins behave uniformly and perfectly regardless of which batch number you have purchased. Batch to batch consistency ensures that you get the same great performance and handling characteristics on every roof.

Kovertek TekShield GRP Roofing Resin has excellent thixotropy, meaning it performs well on vertical surfaces, as well as flat. It wets out the glass matting well and benefits from a full colour change mechanism. This handy feature serves as a reminder to catalyse and mix thoroughly, ensuring a full and even cure profile.

Our resin is the finest that can be produced giving both the contractor and the customer absolute peace of mind.

Gel time (ICON 002) (23°C – 2% MEKP M50 on 100 g) 

16 - 20 minutes

Peak Exotherm time (20°C – 2% MEKP M50 on 100 g) 32 - 38 minutes

RECOMMENDATIONS BEFORE USE • Mix the product well before use. • Never put less than 1% and more than 4% of peroxide MEKP M50. • Before use, check that the temperature of the product and the room is between 18°C and 25°C. • To obtain a homogeneous polymerisation, mix the catalyst well before use. • Slightly sand the surface of the laminate if the time between two laminate layers is higher than 24 hours

Our 25yr product guarantee*  Quality with Agility.


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