TekShield Dark Grey GRP Fibreglass Roofing Top Coat - 20kg

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Kovertek TekShield Roofing Top Coat is a GRP roofing topcoat that is thixotropic in nature and comes with a material warranty of 25yrs (T&C’s apply)


Kovertek GRP Top Coat pure virgin resins behave uniformly and perfectly regardless of which batch number. Batch to batch consistency ensures that you get the same great performance and handling characteristics on every roof. Kovertek TekShield GRP Roofing Top coats have excellent thixotropy, meaning it performs well on vertical surfaces, as well as flat, resisting drainage and run off.


The product handles well giving an easy brush or roller application and dry’s with a level surface aspect with uniform coverage, free from streaks and blemishes. Our Topcoats are the finest that can be produced giving both the contractor and the customer absolute peace of mind.



  • Gel time (ICON 002) (23°C – 2% MEKP M50 on 100 g)
  • 16 - 20 minutes (ambient temperature dependent)
  • Peak Exotherm time (20°C – 2% MEKP M50 on 100 g) 32 - 38 minutes





Mix the peroxide well, never put under 1% or over 3%. Tekshield is ready to use; stir the gel coat each time before use to give a homogeneous product.  Put 0.4 to 0.5 mm thickness of gel coat (about 500 g/m²)  Avoid excess thickness especially in angles. We recommend the application of several thin layers rather than a thick one.

25yr product guarantee*  Quality with Agility


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