SVK Half Round Fibre Cement Ridge

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SVK ridges are the strongest ridges on the market. No other ridge comes close to our values concerning bending strength. This is achieved because SVK is the only manufacturer who presses their ridges during production.

Because we press our ridges, we achieve a much higher volume mass and bending strength. SVK ridges are very durable. Because they are pressed, our ridges obtain a much higher density than ridges which are manually manufactured. This high density also largely diminishes the water absorption. The low water absorption rules out that our ridges would deform or suffer frost damage.


Length: 400mm
Coverage: 330mm
Diameter: 190mm at one end, 170mm at the other end
Fixings: Includes copper ridge clips, 1 ridge clip is required per ridge


These ridge tiles are tapered interlocking ridge tiles.


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