SVK Ardonit Textured Fibre Cement Roof Slate Tile 600mm x 600mm - Blue/Black

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The Ardonit textured slates have a textured surface with a square edge. The slate has squared edges which makes it easier to place. This Ardonit slate comes close to the look of the natural slate and is available in the colour blue-black. The slates also have a nominal thickness of 4 mm and are available in the 600 x 300mm and 600 x 600mm format.


Benefits of SVK fibre cement slate

Strongest Slates -  SVK slates are the strongest slates available on the market. No other slate comes close to our values concerning bending strength. This is achieved because SVK exclusively use and source fibres of the best quality and because our fibre cement is double pressed.

Extremely Durable - Our slates are extremely durable. The water absorption of our slates is, on average, half the value of other manufacturers. SVK is the only manufacturer
who applies a double paint coat on the front side and the edges of the slates. This low water absorption enhances the durability of the slates, it is out of the question that they would suffer frost damage.

High Quality Painting - The quality of the paint coat on our slates is unequalled. SVK has more than 70 years of experience in preparation and application of paint. Furthermore, SVK invested in the installation of the most modern paint line in Europe. This technical leap enables SVK to produce slates with an extraordinary high
UV-resistance, a super smooth surface where moss doesn’t attach and an unequalled paint adhesion.


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