Sobrano Premier Chinese Weathering Natural Roof Slate and a Half 600mm x 450mm

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A low cost charcoal/grey slate that is uniform in thickness, texture and appearance. A feature of this particular slate is its tendency to naturally weather relatively quickly, thereby creating the appearance of a more established, mature and naturally aged roof that blends well with existing roofs in the surrounding area. Unlike second hand slates it comes with a performance warranty and is the ideal choice where low price is the main criteria.


Description: A dark grey low cost slate with uniform thickness, texture & appearance
Origin: China
Size: 600mm x 450mm
 Compliant with CPR, Annex V - AVCP System 4
Tech spec: European standard EN 12326
Strength: Transverse: 40.65 N/mm2 Longitudinal: 57.57 N/mm2
Thickness: 6mm (±35%)
Water absorption: <0.6% A1
Freeze-thaw cycling: Not required
Thermal cycling: T1
Sulphur dioxide exposure: S1



One of the unique and aesthetic advantages of natural roofing slate is the subtle variation in colour, shade, veining, and grain of each individual slate on a roof. Similarly the thickness of slates in each crate may not be exactly the same. These variations should be expected. All slates weather naturally over a period of time once installed and a feature of Chinese slates in particular, is a tendency to weather and show various percentages of colour change more quickly; thereby creating the appearance of a more established and naturally aged roof. Weathering will not affect the slates functionality.


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