Sobrano Brazilian Grey/Green Natural Roof Slate 500mm x 250mm

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A great option for a natural roof slate. Originating from Brazil this Sobrano slate offers a durable, long lasting roof slate option. Offering a natural flat finish with a subtle green finish, making it very pleasing on the eye.


Description: A light grey / green slate with a natural flat finish
Origin: Brazil, South America
Size: 500mm x 250mm
Constancy: Compliant with CPR, Annex V - AVCP System 4
Tech spec: European standard EN 12326
Strength: Transverse: 37.22 N/mm2 Longitudinal: 39.58 N/mm2
Thickness: 5mm (±35%)
Water absorption: 0.40% W1
Freeze-thaw cycling: Not required
Thermal cycling: T1
Sulphur dioxide exposure: S1


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