Samaca Q33 Premium Blue Grey Natural Roof Slate & Half 500mm x 375mm

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The Samaca Q33 quarry is located in Carballeda de Valdeorras in the province of Ourense in North West Spain. One of the finest slate deposits in all of Spain. At more than 1,500 meters above sea level, the meticulousness of its extraction is matched only by the quality of the slate bed exploited. The Samaca Q33 slate is a dark grey to black slate, with a regular vertical grain, a smooth and consistent texture, and occasional small non-oxidizing metallic minerals scattered on the surface of the slate. It’s deep colour is stable over time, and harmoniously reflects the variations in nature making it a popular choice for roofs new and old. It’s physical and aesthetic qualities make it sought after both in restoration, new construction and specialist projects adapted to regional traditions. Recognised for more than 40 years, Samaca Q33 is included in the historical range of Samaca slates, obtaining official approval from the Snowdonia National Park Authorities to be used as a Welsh Dark Blue Grey alternative.


The slate is regularly and rigourously tested to the current BSEN12326-1:2004 and attains A1, T1, and S1 certification.


Country of Origin: Spain
Size: 500x250mm
Grade: Premium – 7mm, pre-holed
Testing: BSEN12326-1:2004 – A1, T1 & S1


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