RynoDeck RDF-3 Fixed-Head Adjustable Decking Pedestal 55 - 95mm

£3.94 Incl. VAT
£3.28 Ex. VAT


The RynoDeckSupport fixed head adjustable pedestal offers a high quality and economical option for supporting decking systems on completely level surfaces. Its impressive 22 – 550mm height range makes it perfect for areas with problematic height restrictions, as well as areas where greater height build up is required. With a simple but very effective design, this pedestal makes for a rapid and effortless decking installation.



Material - PP Polyproylene (recyclable), UV resistant
Biological/Chemical - Resistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen
Height Range - 22mm - 550mm
Compression - 1000kg
Base Diameter - 200mm
Head Diameter - 120mm
Bearer Capacity - Up to 80mm
Working Temperature - -40°C - 120°C


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