Russell Plain Concrete Roof Tile - Slate Grey

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The Plain Tile has the appearance of a traditional clay tile but the strength and economy of a concrete tile. Ideal for historic restorations and projects where subtle aesthetic appearance and cost efficiency are a priority.


Size 267mm x 165mm 
Weight 1.3kg     
Thickness 12mm


Technical Information

Minimum Headlap 65mm 
Maximum Gauge 100mm   (115mm when tiling vertically)
Minimum Pitch 35°
Maximum Pitch 90°
Cover Width 165mm
Nail Size 38 x 2.65mm Aluminium NailS
Batten Size 38 x 25mm    for rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c
Covering Capacity (Tiles/m²) 65mm headlap – 60 Tiles/m²
Weight of Tilling (kg / m²) 100mm gauge – 78 kg/m²

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