Russell Pennine Concrete Roof Tile - Cottage Red

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The Pennine tile is a standard profiled roof tile with a subtle soft roll design. This classic double pantile design lends itself to both traditional and contemporary styles.


Size 418mm x 330mm 
Weight 4.8kg
Thickness 30mm


Technical Information

Minimum Headlap 75mm
Maximum Gauge 343mm
Minimum Pitch Smooth – 22.5°
Maximum Pitch 60°
Cover Width 300mm   
Nail Size 40mm x 3.35mm Aluminium Nails
Tile Clip Commercial Range Tile Clip fixed with a 65 x 3.35mm nail
Batten Size 50 x 25mmf or rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c   
Covering Capacity (Tiles /m²) 75mm headlap – 9.8 Tiles /m² 100mm headlap – 10.6 Tiles /m²
Weight of Tilling (kg / m²) 75mm headlap – 45 kg / m² 100mm headlap – 49 kg / m²

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