RapidGutter Waterproofing Kit - 5m2

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£209.46 Ex. VAT


This kit comes with all the material you will typically need to waterproof and refurbish a gutter. A simple 2 coat application with a 20 minute cure per coat and an elasticity of 200% RapidGutter Waterproofing system offers an extremely tough, fully bonded, seamless and waterproof finish. Primer is only required for detailing any upstands joints or cracks.



  •          20 Minute Cure
  •          Hard Wearing
  •          Liquid Applied
  •          Fully Bonded
  •          Seamless System


  •         Roofs
  •         Balconies
  •         Floors
  •         Walkways
  •         Ramps
  •         Steps

Compatible with

  •         Asphalt
  •         Asbestos
  •         Masonry
  •         Felt
  •         Concrete (General Primer Required)
  •         Timber (Approved onto Norbord Sterling OSB3)
  •         GRP and plastics (Ensure surface is course or rough)
  •         Metal (Not suitable for Copper and Lead)

Waterproof Kits provide everything you need to complete the project and leave a fully bonded, seamless waterproof surface. Each coat cures within 20 minutes.


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