Oxy Turbo Gas Welding Kit

£177.06 Incl. VAT
£147.55 Ex. VAT


The Oxy Turbo 90 Kit is the smallest autogenous welding system available. It is compact, powerful and allows the end-user to make professional welding being particularly suitable for small roofing works. The product safety is guaranteed by four flashback arrestors with double protection: one on the pressure reducer, one on the gas tap and two integrated in the handgrip. Supplied with disposable Gas & Oxygen bottles (spares available separately) and accessories in an elegant space-saving metal trolley. Compact and highly effective, the weight of the kit is minimal at 5kgs. A practical handle and two blocking devices for bottles make it possible tocarry the set everywhere.

Welding Kit Includes
- Hoses with check valvles
- Oxygen and turbo gas regulators
- Valved welding torch with standard nozzle
- 2 brazing rods
- Carry Frame
- Mirco nozzle set
- Goggles
- Spark lighter


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