Novia Single-Sided Breather Membrane Lap Tape 50mm x 25m

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Novia Breather Membrane Lap Tape is a sealing and bonding tape suitable for sealing laps on external breather membranes within both roof and wall applications. It should normally be used in conjunction with Novia Double-Sided Adhesive Lap Tape for a fully sealed and airtight membrane installation.


Novia Breather Membrane Lap Tape should be used in conjunction with Novia Black and Novia Reflex breather membranes for use on roofs to meet BS 5534 wind uplift tests. The UK wind zone maps can be found on the individual product datasheets.


Key Features

  • Use to comply with BS 5534 Wind Uplift with certain membranes
  • Roll size 50mm x 25m
  • High adhesion on breather membranes
  • Manufactured using the same material as Novia breather membranes

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