Novia Roof Reflex Insulated Breather Membrane 1.4m x 10m

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RoofReflex® is a hybrid roof and wall breather membrane combined with an insulation layer and CE approved to EN-13859. It offers superb performance and provides a unique set of key product characteristics which include roof and wall dual application approval, excellent soundproofing properties, up to 1.47 additional r-value and a low emissivity surface.

There are also lower installed costs than PIR when installed in combination with mineral/glasswool. The insulation is manufactured using hydrophobic and self-extinguishing polyester fibre and is created out of recycled material. The combined product has an E-fire rating.

RoofReflex® is highly moisture vapour open but still remains 100% air-tight. This design concept helps to keep the heat in while allowing unwanted moisture to leave the building, which saves money and creates a healthy internal living environment. By combining RoofReflex® with a suitable Vapour Control Layer (such as VC2 or VC8 Reflective for example), the internal structure of the walls and roofs is protected from condensation damage, and the U-value of the insulation maintained at an optimum level. RoofReflex also has integrated sealing tapes to quickly and easily maintain the air-tight seal at all joints. RoofReflex® edges can be left unsealed . The membrane is LABC and EPC approved, and does not need to be reversed in unventilated cavity applications. RoofReflex® is also orientated to provide a cooling effect in summer, lowering air-conditioning costs, and keeping the building cooler.


Key Features

• CE compliant to EN 13859-1 and -2
• EPC & LABC Approved
• Acoustic benefits
• Reduces thermal bridge losses
• Fully airtight when installed with the supplied integral tapes
• Add up to 1.47 in extra R - values
• Lower install costs than PIR systems
• 10 year warranty


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