Novia Metalised BOPP Tape 60mm x 50m

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Novia Metallised BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) tape is a high strength, high tack, reflective tape for us in vapour control and damp proofing applications. BOPP tape adds a final barrier to improve air tightness. This should be used in conjunction with Double Sided Butyl tape, which is used for the overlap seals. Metallised BOPP tape is used as a final seal on the overlap. This can be used in all roof, wall and floor applications.

The use of a high specification acrylic dispersion adhesive gives the product superb adhesion, whilst the use of a high performance metallised polyester, instead of the traditional low strength combination of aluminium foil and paper, massively improves the overall strength and toughness of the tape.

This tape must also be used when installing the Novia Methane Pro membrane, acting as a final stop against methane radiating from the construction.


Key Features

  • Roll 60mm wide
  • Incredible strength and reflectivity
  • Used as an overlap seal to improve air tightness
  • Use in conjunction with Novia Double Sided Butyl tape
  • Must be used when installing Novia Methane Pro barrier

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