Novia FR Fire Breathable Membrane 1.5m x 50m

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Novia FR Breather is a B-s1,d0* fire class breather membrane, dual approved for use in both roof and wall applications. This membrane is suitable for use in pitched cold and warm roofs, and insulated wall applications including those above 18m in height, in line with current building regulations. Novia FR Breather meets EN 13859-1 for pitched roofing and EN 13859-2 for walls. Importantly, the product reaches the best water resistance testing result of W1 to EN1928, as well as offering good breathability, and being lightweight for easier installations. Novia FR Breather is coloured black to the front and white on the reverse. No text or images are present on the material apart from a lap line 150mm in from each edge. *when fitted to A1 or A2 materials, D-s2,d0 on wood materials.


Key Features

• B -s1,d0 fire rated when fitted to A1/A2 materials (D-s2,d0 when on wood)
• Suitable for use in constructions over 18m in height
• Excellent UV stability
• Single product for use on roof and walls
• Made using high performance TPU material
• Novia FR is completely black on one side - no print visible once installed
• Roll size 1.5m x 50m


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