Novia Double Sided Butyl Tape

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Novia Double-Sided Butyl Tape is a high performance polyisobutylene (PIB) based sealing tape. The product is used in a wide range of applications where products or installations need to be sealed against air and water ingress. Novia Double-Sided Butyl Tape is cost effective, non-toxic and requires no tools to apply.


Butyl Tape is vital to an efficient installation of all Novia Vapour Control Layers and Gas Barriers. The strength and adhesion secure the membranes in place offering airtight constructions. All installations should be completed with either Novia Metallised BOPP Tape or Aluminium Foil Tape as an extra secure seal.


Three sizes are available from stock: 15mm x 22.5m, 30mm x 30m and 50mm x 10m. We recommend using either 15mm or 30mm widths for Vapour Control Layer installation, and 50mm wide rolls for Gas Barrier installations.

Key Features

  • Vital for airtight installations
  • Very good adhesion properties
  • Use on almost all surfaces
  • Roll sizes 50mm x 10m, 30mm x 30m and 15mm x 22.5m
  • Use in conjunction with Novia Metallised BOPP tape

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