Manthorpe Universal Hip End Closer Black - Pack of 10

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Part of Manthorpe’s dry fix roofing range, the Hip End Closer offers a cost effective dry fix alternative to mortaring in the end of a roll-out hip system, without resorting to expensive block end hip tiles. The flexible front face allows the product to conform to any of the market leading hip tiles, providing a neat closing solution to the end of the hip roof without having to mix up a small amount of mortar for an otherwise completely dry fix system.



  • Robust and lightweight alternative to block end hip tiles
  • Fits to all major angled or round hip tiles.
  • Removes the need for mortar when using dry fix roofing tiles.
  • Quick and easy to fit.


220 x 102 x 115mm
Round & Angled
10 per box
Polypropylene (Bracket), LDPE (Filler)
Injection Moulded

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