Manthorpe Universal Cowled Roof Tile Vent - Brown

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The Cowled Univeral Roof Vent is designed to provide a quick and simple solution to the problems of roofspace ventilation and mechanical extraction / soil stack termination through a wide variety of roof coverings. It is especially useful on jobs where the installer may not know what the roof covering is. Designed to suit both large and small format interlocking tiles, both flat and profiled in design, including deep bold roll styles of tile. The vent is fitted with a versatile flashing skirt which can be dressed to match the relevant profile of the roof covering and comes with an adhesive mastic backing which securely seals the flashing down to the roof. The hooded cowl protects the opening from the elements whilst providing an airflow path into the roofspace. An integral 4mm louvred grill within the cowl prevents the entry of debris and large nesting insects. When using the vent for mechanical extraction or soil stack / vent pipe termination, the lower outlet is stepped to allow for 4", 5" or an oval 6" connection. The 4" connection can be joined to one of the Manthorpe range of GRPA Flexible Pipes to continue the ducting further into the roofspace.



Key Features

  1. Flexible flashing skirt allows for universal fitting
  2. Suits a range of flat and profiled interlocking tiles, both large and small format
  3. A range of hooded cowl colours are available
  4. Independently wind tunnel tested by the BRE
  5. Multiple outlets feed directly into roof space
  6. 4", 5" and 6" pipe outlets available for extraction
  7. Provides a 4mm louvred flyscreen grill



Size 490 x 545mm
Vent Area - 4" Round 8,650mm²
Vent Area - 5" Round 12,750mm²
Vent Area - 6" Oval 13,750mm²
Flashing Colour Grey
Material PVC (Hood), Polypropylene (Base), Polymer Rubber (Flashing)
Manufacturing Process Injection Moulded
Single Person Installation Possible Yes


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