Premium Fibreglass Roofing Kit 15m²

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A GRP flat roof, or fibreglass flat roof is one of the most popular ways to cover a flat roof. A GRP flat roof has excellent waterproofing properties can its life span could surpass a traditional felt roof.


Our fibreglass roof kits come with everything you need to complete the job, from the resin, tools and even gloves. We offer various size kits and also offer a budget and premium type.


Our 15m² premium kit includes

  • Roofing Resin 20kg 1x 
  • CSM 450g 15.75 linear mtr/6.75kg x 1
  • Standard Roofing Topcoat RAL 7011 10kg x 1
  • Standard Roofing Topcoat RAL 7011 5kg  x1
  • Catalyst 1kg x 1
  • Woven Tape 75mm*50m x 1
  • acetone 5lt* x 1
  • measure cup 500ml x 4
  • Brush 2" Brush (Plastic Handle Laminating Brush) x 2
  • Brush 4" Brush (Plastic Handle Laminating Brush) x 2
  • Paddle Roller 70mm*21mm x 1
  • Paddle Roller 140mm*21mm x 1
  • Roller Refill blue stripe nylon 6" individual x 3
  • Roller Refill Velour 6" x 3
  • Roller frame push on type 6" x 1
  • Plastic Bucket 2.5lt x 2
  • Plastic Bucket 5lt x 1
  • wooden paint stirrer 3 pack x 1
  • Gloves (Pair) x 10
  • Wooden Mixing Stick x 8

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