Klober Roll-Fix Universal Ridge Kit - 5m

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Uni Roll-Fix Kit is a universal ventilating dry ridge and hip system suitable for ventilating most concrete and clay ridge and hip tiles. Available in 3 colours to blend in with the roof, it comes in a practical all-in-one kit, including: 1 x Roll (295 x 5m) 11 x Ridge to ridge seals 11 x Stainless steel screws and washers (100mm) 11 x Clamping plates 9 x Ridge batten strips


  • Mortar free, making it quick to install in most weathers
  • Complies with BS 8612 for performance, BS 5250 for ventilation and BS 5534 for mechanical fixing
  • The lightweight all in one kit


Area of application

  • Suits most clay and concrete ridge tiles
  • Can be used on 300mm clay ridge tiles, with the clay conversion kit
  • Can be used on hips however trays and clips are not included
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