Katepal Self-Adhesive 3 Tab SBS Bitumen Roofing Shingles (2.4m²) - Brown

£29.10 Incl. VAT
£24.25 Ex. VAT


Katepal elastomer bitumen roofing shingles give the DIY-builder access to professional quality performance. Katepal now brings the material used by roofing  professionals, SBS elastomer bitumen, within reach of DIY-builders, throughout the entire range of designs and colours.  SBS elastomer bitumen is a really superior material of roofing shingles and it's properties far exceed those of other roofing shingle materials. That is why it truly deserves the name Super Katepal.   


Coverage per pack: 2.4m²
Length: 1m
Width: 300mm


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