Guardian Synthetic Roof Slate Tile - Brown (Pack of 22)

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Guardian Slate is an innovative roofing system featuring the aesthetic appeal of natural slate without the risk of cracking and breaking.

Guardian Slate is a lightweight natural slate alternative with no risk of cracking and breaking. Guardian Slate is available in a choice of five natural colours, providing you the opportunity to add texture and style to your home. The colours have been tested to high UV exposure and exhibit virtually no fade and with no trace of cracking or splitting.


Features & Benefits

  • Lower cost than traditional slate
  • Spacers on the slate for perfect alignment - quicker to install
  • Fixing guides for quick and easy installation
  • Up to 60% lighter than traditional slate
  • Superior life expectancy - will not crack, split or break
  • Perfect for both new builds and refurbishment projects
  • 'A' grade fire rated on a standard membrane
  • Consistent high quality and dimensional accuracy


Product Information

Size: 445mm x 294mm
Weight per slate: 
0.675 kgs
Roofing board: 
12mm or standard battens
Fixing: Two 30mm x 4mm head stainless steel screws
Cutting: Fine-toothed handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw or sharp utility knife
Construction: Manufactured from resin bonded crushed limestone

Roof Pitch                                             Gauge    Slates per m2
14* to 22.5 degrees (boarded only)        152mm    22
22.5 to 25 degrees (boarded or battens) 152mm   22
25 to 27.5 degrees (boarded or battens) 165mm   20
27.5 to 30 degrees (boarded or battens) 178mm   19
Above 30 degrees (boarded or battens) 191mm    18


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