European Plastics Uni-Verge Starter Kit - Terracotta

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£3.84 Ex. VAT
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European Plastics unique starter unit includes a verge-end closure and a blanking cap to ensure a secure, infestation free and aesthetically pleasing finish. For use in both new build and refurbishment application, the unit is UV stable and comes in all colours.


  • Ensures an infestation free and aesthetically pleasing finish to the dry verge
  • Weather resistant and UV Stable



Snap the starter kit off the blanking plate. Starting at the bottom edge of the roof, insert the starter piece into the front end of the verge unit, mark out the starter piece position on the facia and barge board. Remove the dry verge U and mechanically fix the starter piece into position through the grid. Refer to Dry verge product information sheet for further information on our Dry Verge system. Where required, insert the blanking plate over the final verge nail grid to prevent water ingress.

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