European Plastics Uni-Verge Half Round Ridge End Cap - Grey

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European Plastics high quality, UV stable angled and half round ridge caps incorporate unique and innovative Flap Cap Technology. Flexible flaps contour around the sides of the Verge system effectively creating a ‘sealed’ unit that prevents water ingress and infestation.



  • Weather resistant and UV Stable
  • Flexible polypropylene material allows for rapid installation
  • Maintenance free and mechanically installed



Install the dry verge system and ridge tiles as normal, carefully place the ridge cap over the end of the ridge tile, simultaneously sealing the ends of the dry verge U. Ensure the flexible flaps contour round the sides of the Verge system effectively creating a tight seal.The Flexible flaps contour around the sides of the Verge piece to create a ‘sealed’ unit, preventing water ingress and infestation whilst also adding to the neatly finished aesthetics.

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