European Plastics GRP Bonding Gutter - 3m

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GRP Bonding Gutter is manufactured from glass fibre/polyester laminate with a UV-resistant polyester film on the upper face. A sanded strip is bonded along the upper face to provide a key for bedding the roof tiles into mortar. The Bonding Gutter gives a weatherproof seal between adjacent roofs. Joins any combination of double lap or interlocking slates, clay or concrete tiles, with minimum disturbance to the adjacent roof. The packs should be stored flat or on end, on a smooth, clean, dry surface; under cover and protected from sunlight.



Size: 3000mm long x 216mm wide
Material: UV Glass fibre/Polyester laminate. BBA approved
Benefits: Lightweight and flexible. UV Resistant, Provides a weather tight seal between adjacent roofs with different finishes.

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