Elterdale Natural Slate Plain Angle Ridge 450mm - 115°

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We strongly recommend ordering an extra 10% to offset any wastage during transport or installation.


Elterdale Slate Ridge will provide a high quality compliment and finish to any natural slate roof.  A high quality construction yet very cost effective. Produced from pure and proven slate deposits, the ridges are manufactured in Brazil by hand to our specifications. These ridges have a riven/natural face and are gauged on the underside for uniformity of thickness and ease of fixing.


The source quarry has been fully tested to BS-EN 12326:1 2004 (Slate and stone products for discontinuous roofing and cladding.) Achieving A1, S1 & T1 ratings for water absorption, carbonate content and reactive metallic minerals.



  • 450mm long
  • 150mm wings
  • 15mm thick
  • 6kg in weight (approx.)
  • Available in are 90°, 105°, 115° & 125°.



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