Dektite Flatseal Butyl 25-175mm Black NBR FS25-175BU

£23.27 Incl. VAT
£19.39 Ex. VAT


Ideal for Flat and Low pitch Roofs with Single Ply or Bitumen Coverings

No special tools or fittings are needed - FlatSealTM Butyl NBR snaps tight to pipe without clips. Seals to roof withotu the need for hot or cold liquid bitumen - Simply peel & stick - Quick, easy & watertight! Refer to FlatSealTM brochure for installation guide.

Roof Pitch : 0°
Base Size : 345mm
Size Range : 25-175mm
Material / Colour : Black NBR

Red and grey Silicone will withstand constant temperature at the roofline of -50°C to 200°C and up to 250°C intermittently


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