DEKS Fast Flash Lead Alternative 370mm x 5m Roll - Anthracite Grey

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£102.34 Ex. VAT


Fast Flash is ideal for any application requiring a quick and secure flashing solution. Fast Flash can be installed on roofs with a slope of min 5° and on almost all roof materials. Fast Flash is environmentally friendly and easy to install as the reverse is self-adhesive, as well as being flexible and very workable. If painting is required or where water is likely to travel from copper or bitumen onto Fast Flash use 100% acrylic low sheen exterior paint.


Join the lead free revolution. Lead free flashing is an alternative to traditional lead flashing. With health and safety concerns, theft risk and the need of specialist tools and expert knowledge, lead is becoming less favourable by many roofing contractors. Lead free flashing is significantly lighter than is lead equivalent, meaning it’s easier and cheaper to transport as well as safe for lifting when being moved on site.

No special tools needed. Our lead free flashing is cuttable with just a pair or household scissors - easy! Mold into shape with your fingers (Perform hammer is available for larger applications). There is no need to use any patination oil, overlap every 1.5m or use of lead clips.


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