Cut To Size Corotherm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

£ incl. VAT £ ex VAT Total area: m2

Estimated delivery: 5-7 working days


Optimise your polycarbonate roof sheets by getting the exact size you need. This means you have zero waste and you only pay for what you need. Cut to size polycarbonate gives you the freedom on choosing the tint/colour, thickness, length and width. 



  • These products are cut to your individual requirements; therefore they are bespoke and non-returnable.
  • Both the sheet(s) ends will be pre-taped with aluminium and anti-dust tapes.
  • We cannot guarantee where the blade lands when cutting sheets, so it is not possible to ensure hard edges on all panels.
  • There is a tolerance of +/- 3mm when cutting.
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