ClassicBond Contact Adhesive

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Rubber Roofing Contact Adhesive is a high-strength, solvent-based bonding adhesive. Specifically designed for fast, effective bonding that withstands extreme temperatures of flat roofing installations. Perfect for bonding angle changes, steep slope and vertical details on the roof. 


Features and Benefits 
Coverage rates of 0.5 Ltr / m2 when applied to both sides (depending on surfaces)
Fast Curing 
Available in 1L, 2.5L, 5L & 10L cans

Size: 1.0 Litres (Coverage 1 to 2 sqm) 
Size: 2.5 Litres (Coverage 4 to 5 sqm) 
Size: 5.0 Litres (Coverage 7 to 10 sqm)
Size: 10 Litres (Coverage 15 to 20 sqm)

Suitable Surfaces 
This roofing adhesive is specially formulated for application with a spreader brush or short pile roller. This highly versatile adhesive will bond ClassicBond EPDM to a large variety of surfaces including brick, render, timber, metals, plastics, concrete and approved insulation. For commercial installations and projects in excess of 100m² the entire roof area should be bonded with ClassicBond Bonding Adhesive.

Please note that it is not to be used with expanded polystyrene.

Application Up-stands
Use a 4" mini roller to apply contact adhesive to both the up-stand and rubber roofing membrane. It is also necessary to secure the membrane to the deck perimeter with a 150mm width strip of contact adhesive. This will stop the membrane from lifting due to structural movement. Ensure that the contact adhesive is touch dry before rolling the membrane onto the substrate/up-stand.

Application Non-Permeable Deck
Using a roller apply contact adhesive to both the deck and underside of membrane evenly. Ensure that the contact adhesive is touch dry before rolling the membrane onto the deck approx 5-20 minutes. Note It is not possible to reposition the membrane once stuck down using contact adhesive.


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