Caterpillar Gutter Guard Brush 4m x 100mm

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Clogged up drains will be a thing of the past with this innovative yet simple design that can adapt to fit the shape of any gutter.

Made from a continuous polypropylene brush with a stainless steel wire core, the Caterpillar Gutter Guard is not only quick and easy to install but is also virtually indestructible. The Caterpillar Gutter Guard comes with a ten year guarantee that will keep your drains free from gutter clutter for several years to come.

Requiring no special installation, the Caterpillar Gutter Guard can be easily placed into your gutter from a ladder with no separate corner pieces required. Once in place this product requires no maintenance and will allow rainfall to fall freely without the obstruction of leaves and twigs.

The Caterpillar Gutter Guard is available in standard black 4m x 100mm lengths

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