Castle Composites PU Adhesive XP2265 - 1 Litre

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Castle 2265 PU Adhesive has been specially formulated to bond grc promenade tiles to waterproofing on flat roofs, balconies, walkways and terraces.


This Poly Urethane adhesive is solvent and filler free and accepted by most waterproofing manufacturers (check with yours to be sure). We have been supplying 2265 PU adhesive for this purpose since 1996 to many happy customers. Please ensure that the instruction for use are always follow when installing tiles with PU adhesive. Each bottle has instruction on the label and the guide can also be downloaded.


Always follow the precautions prescribed in the data sheet in relation to PPE.


2265PU Adhesive can be used to bond to:

-EPDM rubber
-Bituminous Felt
-Fibre Glass
-Single Ply
-Liquid Coatings


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