Britmet Lightweight Metal Roof - Villatile

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Britmet’s lightweight Villatile is designed to give the appearance of a double roman concrete tile.

 This attractive design has been made from the highest quality Aluzinc steel, to give an unsurpassed weather resistance and with its unique 3 layer granule coating applied to the external surface, offering impassive looks with great weatherproof capabilities.

Britmet Lightweight Roofing lightweight Villatile system is available in 7 colours, two thicknesses a 0.45mm as standard and a 0.9mm thickness for light foot traffic and vandal areas.

Pitches as low as 10° can be achieved and at only 2.2 no tiles per m² allows for faster speed of installation. Only weighing 1/7 weight of concrete tiles, 7kg/m² Villatile is Fire rated, cost effective and maintenance free. All backed by a 40-year warranty, and best of all BRITISH Manufactured.



Features & Benefits 


  • Designed to give a traditional tile appearance
  • Lightweight roof panel
  • Minimum pitch 10°
  • Good vandal resistance (0.9mm steel base)
  • Easy to handle
  • Offers reduced structure
  • Quick installation
  • Less labour intensive
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully dry-fixed
  • Full technical support available
  • Only weighs 7kg/m°
  • British manufactured


Technical Information

Min. pitch: 10°
Max. pitch: 90°
Overall width: 1295mm
Cover width: 1200mm
Side lap: 95mm
Step: 24mm
Batten gauge (0.45mm): 365mm
Individual tile width: 100mm
Roof cover per tile panel: 0.44m2
Tile panels per m2: 2.25
Steel base: 0.45mm
Weight as laid per m2: 7kg
Top coat: Stone granules with clear acrylic overglaze
Colours available: Titanium Grey, Bramble Brown, Tartan Green, Rustic Terracotta and Brindle available on request
Chemical resistance: Unaffected by normal pollution
Biological resistance: Non toxic fungicide incorporated
Fire resistance: AA classification equal to traditional roof tiles and slates
Fixings: The contractor shall utilise the roofing manufacturers recommended fixings and sealant
Ventilation: Roof ventilation should meet recommendations of Building Regulations 1991 (amended ‘92, ‘94). Approved Document F2 1995 ‘Condensation in roofs', BS 5250: 1989 ‘Control of condensation'.


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