ALM Patination Oil - 1 Litre

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In damp conditions, untreated lead sheet will quickly generate a white carbonate layer, which rainfall will frequently transfer to neighbouring slates, tiles or brickwork, causing unsightly stains.


Premium Patination Oil is an alkyd resin-based liquid which, when applied to lead sheet, provides a permeable coating through which the metal surface will oxidise at a controlled rate. Over time this oxised layer develops into uniform dull grey adherent patina. This patina is stable, pleasing in appearance and replaces the protection initially supplied by the Patination Oil.


Premium Patination Oil should be applied to all visible lead sheet surfaces, especially where rainwater from these surfaces will run over other exposed building materials. It is recommended that hidden surfaces, past which rainwater may flow e.g. behind lead motifs and clips, should also be treated with Patination Oil before installation.


This oil should be applied to new leadwork before the end of the day of installation (preferably out of direct sunlight), before the unsightly carbonate has a chance to form.


If the lead surface becomes wet before Patination Oil is applied, make sure that it is thoroughly dried before you start work. Water trapped below the Patination Oil layer can give rise to unsightly oxidation products, which are impossible to remove without first stripping away the Patination Oil.


  • Helps prevent run-off staining.
  • Gives a pleasing finish to leadwork.
  • Economical and easy use.

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