ALM Lead Flashing Clips - Bag of 50

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£6.55 Ex. VAT


Hall Clips were the concept of a working roofer designed to save time and money during the installation of lead flashings.


The Hall Clip firmly grips lead in place and is installed literally in seconds without the use of any ‘special’ tools. Hall Clips come supplied in bags of approximately 50 clips which are small enough, and light enough, to easily fit the tool box or pocket and will secure any flashings in a chase from 6mm to 18mm. Fixed the same as the traditional lead wedge it fastens flashings up to 20 times faster.


  • Faster and easier to install than traditional lead wedges.
  • Suits chases from 6mm to 18mm.
  • No cutting or folding required.
  • No special tools required.

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