Acrypol Tech Seal PU Liquid Waterproof Membrane - 25kg

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Tech Seal PU is a single component, high performing liquid polyurethane membrane that cures to form a tough and seamless membrane which offers a strong and durable waterproof coating with a Guarantee of 20 years.



Tech Seal PU is recommended for use on flat roof overlay systems and can be used on traditional built-up roofing in both new construction and refurbishment projects. Its cold applied seamless finish makes it ideal for roofs, green roofs, balconies, terraces, podium decks and gutters and as a detailing product for other roofing systems, including asphalt, bituminous felt, concrete, single ply, and metal surfaces.



  • Fast Curing. Rain Proof after 2 hours, Cured after 4 hours
  • Single Component / No Mixing.
  • Light grey Base Coat / Dark Grey Top Coat
  • No primer for old Bitumen or Asphalt roofs
  • 2 Coat System – Fully Reinforced.
  • Easy Application. 10 kg and 25 kg drums
  • Application by Roller or Brush or Airless Spray.



Mixing and Application Guidelines

Stir and homogenise the product before use. Some of the contents settle during storage and must be redispersed. Allow some minutes to release air bubbles. Stirring should be done at low speed, avoiding mechanical means to prevent bubbles. If needed, the product may be thinned with up to 10% of Acrypol solvent, as a viscosity adjustment. Never use universal or unknown solvents (e.g. white spirit or alcohols) Apply by roller, brush, spreader or airless equipment. It is useful to apply in 2 differently coloured coats, at 1,5-2 kg/m2 each It is strongly recommended to use entirely the product of the container. Non used product even kept in a closed container, may develop a thick cured skin on the surface.


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