Acrypol Sealer/Primer AS8000 - 5 Litre

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The Acrypol clear sealer is a multi functional solution that can be used on concrete, asbestos cement and bituminous surfaces. This can be applied to the chosen surface by using either a brush or roller. This sealer provides a tough and long lasting layer for your roofing project.


  • Use on Concrete, Asbestos, Cement and Bituminous Surfaces.
  • Apply Acrypol Sealer AS8000 by brush or roller.
  • Theretical coverage rate of 5-8m2/Litre depending on surface porosity.
  • The surface should be clean and dry during application.
  • Drying time for Acrypol Sealer AS8000  is 2 hours at 18 Degrees C. to 21 Degrees C.
  • 30 - 35m2 per 5 Litres

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