Acrypol Flexible Reinforcement Roofing Mesh/Scrim

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£72.43 Ex. VAT
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Acrypol mesh/scrim is to be used when you need to bridge over bigger cracks and splits in roofs when using Acrypol Plus. Easy to install and can be cut with scissors.



  • No visible seams or laps.
  • Does not curl up on it's edges.
  • Cold applied system.



  • Splits and holes in asbestos sheets.
  • Laps in asbestos sheets.
  • Roof fixings.
  • Cracks, splits and holes in gutters.
  • Joints in gutters.
  • Splits in roof lights.
  • Splits and cracks in metal roofs.
  • Cracks in glass.
  • Splits in asphalt and felt.




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