75mm GRP Fibreglass Roof Drain

£30.30 Incl. VAT
£25.25 Ex. VAT


Available in five diameters: 50-75-82-90-100mm. The Liquid vertical exit drain with fibreglass mesh is provided of certified fibreglass mesh, that allows compatibility especially with water base liquid waterproofing materials. The PP flange is provided of knurled surface on both sides, to improve the adherence of liquid waterproofing materials. Small steps on the upper part of the spigot allow dripping of water coming from any upper infiltration.




              For Pipe A            B             C             D

50mm   50           230         42,3        200         42,3

75mm   75           230         70,3        200         66,0

82mm   82           230         76,1        200         71,8

90mm   90           230         84,8        200         80,5

100mm 100         230         94,1        200         89,8


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