What concrete roof tiles do Russell Roof Tiles offer? - Mammoth Roofing

Russell Roof Tiles are one of the leading manufacturers of concrete roof tiles in the UK. As well as roof tiles, the offer an extensive range of fittings, dry fix and dry ventilation products suitable both new and refurbishment projects. All these products are of the highest quality and are designed with currently building regulations in mind. Russell Roof Tiles and Mammoth Roofing have a fantastic relationship and we are lucky to be able to offer their fantastic range of concrete roof tiles. Below we are going to look at some of the most popular roof tiles they offer.


Double Roman Concrete Roof Tile

One of the most popular concrete roof tiles you will see adorning roofs across the UK. It is a standard profiled roof tile with a small round roll. It really is a classic design but works well with both traditional and more modern roof styles. The Double Roman concrete roof tile is available in six stunning colours to match any project.


Grampian Concrete Roof Tile

The Grampian concrete roof tile from Russell Roof Tiles is a roof tile that always gets plenty of attention on Mammoth Roofing. A flat interlocking concrete roof tile is that to be laid in a broken bond pattern (where the tiles are laid half-way across the course below) available in five different colours including anthracite and slate grey. Given the design of the roof tile, it will give you the appearance of slate roof tiles but with all the benefits of a concrete roof tile.


Bute Concrete Roof Tile

Available 8 stunning colours, the Bute concrete roof tile is thin leading-edge interlocking roof tile. When installed, it gives the impression of a small tile, or a traditional concrete plain tile but reaping the benefits of a larger format tile. Through using the Bute concrete roof tile, with its extended headlap, it has become popular with planners and developers due to cost saving benefits, by giving the appearance of a small format tile.


Pennine Concrete Roof Tiles

A popular standard profiled concrete roof tile, with a subtle soft roll design. It is a classic double pantile design and this roof tile will suit new builds or any refurbishment project you may have. The Pennine roof tile comes from Russell Roof Tiles commercial range and is available six great colours.


Lothian Concrete Roof Tiles

Russell Roof Tiles were the first manufacturer to launch the thinner leading-edge interlocking roof tile on to the market. The Lothian concrete roof tile has a hidden interlock and mock joint through the middle of the roof tile, this gives you the appearance of a slate roof tile or a small format roof tile. This interlocking thinner leading-edge tile speeds up installation, making life easier for any developers or roofers.


The above is our most popular concrete roof tiles over the past couple of months, the entire range of Russell Roof Tiles is available at Mammoth Roofing. If you need help in selecting the right roof tile for your project, then please get in touch with our team.