What code lead do I need? - Mammoth Roofing

Lead flashing is extremely malleable, easy to work with, offering excellent longevity, and has protected roofs on many building types for centuries. With outstanding waterproofing properties, lead flashing is one of the most popular materials in the roofing industry today.


However, if you use the incorrect lead flashing, there is much more a chance that that flashing fail and you could risk the structural integrity of your roof, or other building project. To combat this, lead flashing is manufactured in line with BS EN 12588, which sets the standards with different lead codes (thicknesses) Each lead code flashing has a different weight and use of application and under BS EN 12588, the thickness consistency of the lead flashing must not exceed a tolerance of +/- 5% at any one point.


Therefore, to ensure optimum performance of the roll lead, it’s vital to select the correct lead code for your project/application. Take a look at the table below to help you select the correct lead flashing.


Code Thickness in mm Weight in KG per m² Usual Applications
Code 3 1.32 14.97 Soakers
Code 4 1.80  20.41 Soakers, vertical cladding, flashing
Code 5 2.24 25.40 Bay roofs, canopies, cladding, flashings, tapered valley gutters, pitched roofs, dormer windows
Code 6 2.65 30.10 Parapet and tapered valley gutters, pitched and flat roofs, flashing, vertical cladding, canopies
Code 7 3.15 35.72 Flat roofing, parapet and tapered valley gutters, pitched roofing, dormers, bay roofs, canopies
Code 8 3.5 40.26 Flat roofing, bay roofs, canopies, parapet and tapered valley gutters, dormers



At Mammoth Roofing, our lead flashing rolls come in both 3 metre and 6 metre rolls, with widths ranging from 100mm to 2400mm. In order to help you save money, we also offer lead flashing as a cut to size option. You simply select what code you need, desired width and length and that's it. You only pay for exactly what you need, this way, it eliminates wastage and excess cost if you purchase the standard lead rolls. You can find our cut to size lead flashing here.


Whether it's standard lead flashing rolls or our cut to size options, we offer a very competitive price with quick delivery across the UK.